Do you produce and sell any plastic product?
Are you confronted with failing to reach the desired mechanical and optical properties?
Does your product fail in its application ? Did you choose the correct materials ?

My knowledge and experience acquired at DSM and SABIC as structure properties expert, allow me to help you solve product

Why choose for Plastiprop Consultancy?

We start with a thorough intake to define the problem and establish your wishes and expectations with respect to our solutions.
Is there a feasible solution? Not everybody is able to muster multinational company sized budgets and yearlong projects to solve
a problem.

No need to go bankrupt over solving a material problem: we make the costs only when necessary and in close partnership
with you as a customer. The turnout for you as my customer lies in securing and improving your profits on a long term base by preventing oncoming problems with your applications.

I do not do this alone: in my career in Industry I gathered a vast network of experts adjacent to my own expertise.

This network provides the measurements that are needed to come to a solution and warrant protection of your IP assets should novel knowledge be developed.