About me

I am Dr Rudy Deblieck, after my Master and PhD in Science (Theoretical Physical Chemistry / Solid State Physics) at the Universities of Brussels and Antwerp I started my work in Industrial Materials Research at DSM and SABIC.

A lifelong experience in industrial scientific research, I offer my expertise to help you achieve your goals where it concerns polymer product life cycles, product quality.

My passion as a scientist helps you to solve problems like :

  • How can I avoid that my polymer application fails?
  • How can I assure that my product is able to achieve its foreseen life cycle?

How do I do it ?

We start with a thorough intake whereby my goal is, to establish your wishes and expectations. How can we help you? Is there a feasible solution for the problem you are experiencing?

Not everybody is able to muster multinational company sized budgets. We make the costs only when necessary and in close partnership with you as a customer. We do not do this alone : We have a network of experts who can provide the data needed to come to an equitable solution protecting your IP assets.

The turnout for you as our customer lies in securing and improving your profits by improving and preventing oncoming problems with your applications.

Our Strategic partners :


DSM Materials Science Center

Intertek Polychemlab

PSM Merseburg



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